011: Justin Miller Shares Why Your Dream Home is Within Reach

October 27, 2016

Justin Miller is the owner and operator of Meadowridge Homes in Kelowna, BC. Founded in 1994, Meadowridge Homes provides its customers with personalized service for custom home design builds. Its highly experienced team of designers and carpenters deeply values the relationship between the buyer and builder, ensuring outstanding custom homes and projects. The Meadowridge Homes team is passionate about establishing comfortable and open communication with clients, alleviating the stresses commonly associated with the home building process.

Justin is experienced in sales, quality assurance, and mechanical engineering. His expertise in these areas has greatly assisted in his transition to the home building industry. He is passionate about helping people develop the home of their dreams and bringing those ideas to life.

Justin shares tips for those looking to build a custom home and common mistakes buyers make when designing a home.


Key Points

  • [0:38] Tell us about your business.
  • [1:08] What are your areas of specialization?
  • [2:05] How did you enter into the industry?
  • [2:51] How has your background in sales and mechanical engineering helped in the home building business?
  • [3:57] When did you know this business was right for you?
  • [5:01] What has been the most satisfying moment in your career so far?
  • [5:40] What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?
  • [6:23] Who comprises your primary team?
  • [7:18] What should a client expect during the buying process?
  • [8:04] What is the planning and buying process typically like?
  • [10:24] What is the most exciting aspect of building a home?
  • [11:17] Can you share some common mistakes people make when looking to build a home?
  • [13:08] What key elements should buyers keep in mind when considering a new home?
  • [15:01] How are your contracts typically structured?
  • [17:41] Does Meadowridge Homes assist the buyer with picking the right lot?
  • [19:15] What are the top three things people should look for in a home builder?
  • [20:48] Where are your projects primarily based?
  • [21:48] What is the best way to contact you?



About your host

Chad Weninger

I have been a mortgage broker for 10 years and have held several different positions within the industry to get me to where I am today. Over the years I have helped many families achieve the goal of home ownership as well as save thousands in finding the right mortgage for their needs.