009: Interested in Lowering Your Energy Bill? Richard Davies Shares Simple Saving Tips

October 13, 2016

Richard Davies is a Service Manager with Houle Electric in Kelowna, BC. He has been in the industry for over 30 years, and with Houle for more than 25. At an early age, Richard was taught the tools of the trade by his father. His firsthand experience and a love for the field has brought him to where he is today.

In 2012, Houle Electric was recognized as one of the best managed companies in Canada. Houle Electric offers its clients decades of experience and 24-hour service.

Richard discusses the importance of ethics and building relationships with clients. He also shares some energy-saving tips for homeowners, especially for people living in Kelowna.


Key points

  • [1:38] What areas does Houle Electric specialize in?
  • [2:08] And what is your specialization?
  • [2:19] Can you share the story about how you got into the profession?
  • [3:36] When did you transition into the role of Service Manager?
  • [4:20] What is one of the most satisfying aspects of the field?
  • [6:29] What is the best advice you’ve ever received in business?
  • [6:42] Be ethical, and be upfront.
  • [7:40] Could you give some examples of situations where a person would need to call your service?
  • [8:42] How difficult is it to upgrade an older home?
  • [10:02] What can a person expect when contacting your service?
  • [10:47] How many people are a part of your team?
  • [11:08] If you call after hours, you’ll talk with a person and not be sent to voicemail.
  • [11:39] Do you charge for quotes?
  • [12:23] What are some effective energy-saving tips?
  • [13:33] Is installing LED lights a simple process?
  • [14:12] On average, how much can people save per month through energy-efficiency?
  • [14:52] What is the cost of changing to different lighting in a home?
  • [15:48] What are some common mistakes you see people make when doing electrical work?
  • [17:06] What is the craziest situation you’ve seen on the job?
  • [18:30] When hiring an electrician, what 3 things should people look for?
  • [19:54] How can people contact you?



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