005: Asking Questions When Buying a New Home: Darcy Nyrose Shares His Secrets

Scott Peckford hits the road to speak with Darcy Nyrose of Coldwell Banker Nyrose & Associates. Darcy shares how a buyer can ask questions when negotiating a purchase and making an offer on a new home.

Darcy became a real estate agent in the Lower Mainland in 1991 thanks to a mentor. He moved to Kelowna in 2008 in partnership with a developer. Nyrose & Associates is selling 3 active developments, and 4 new developments upcoming in Kelowna.

Worst Day: going through the emotional roller-coaster with clients through the ups and downs of multiple offers, lost bids, and distressed properties.

Bonus motto: we’ll find it, or we’ll fix it.

Ask the Expert: New Home Construction

  • find a realtor who is experienced in new home purchases
  • New construction: anything that hasn’t been sold once before: builder-owned, developer-owned, or bank-owned
  • ask what’s included, and what’s an upgrade?
  • what are the incentives
  • know the completion date. Is it a moving target?
  • force majeur
  • min 10 or min 20 percent down. Find creative ways to get that deposit.
  • discuss New Home Warranty
  • discuss with your real estate agent the reputation of the developer

Advice would you give a friend on how to find a quality real estate agent?

  • does the realtor have a team?

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