023: First Time Home Buyer? Sarah Lindsay Explains Why Talking To Your Mortage Broker Is An Important First Step

February 23, 2017

Sarah Lindsay is a realtor with Royal LePage in Kelowna. She started her love of real estate at an early age. Instead of playing with her friends on the weekend she would ask her father to take her to local open houses in the neighborhood. Today she keeps up her passion by specializing in helping first-time home buyers find the right home for them.

Key Points & Questions

  • [0:50] Tell us about yourself.
  • [1:40] Do you have any areas of specialization?
  • [2:17] How did you get into this profession?
  • [3:38] When did you realize this career was for you?
  • [4:55] What was the most satisfying experience in your career?
  • [6:38] What’s some of the best advice you ever received?
  • [7:10] I thought the other realtors in Kelowna would be cutthroat but I that’s not true. Everyone is very helpful with each other.
  • [7:45] Why do you love first time home buyers so much?
  • [8:29] What’s your system when working with first-time home buyers?
  • [10:55] Getting in touch if your mortgage broker is the first thing I tell first-time home buyers.
  • [11:28] Real estate isn’t like buying a pair of socks. You can return it if you get buyers remorse. It’s going to be the biggest purchase of your life.
  • [12:08] What are the mistakes your see first-time home buyers making?
  • [13:42] How is a condo, or townhouse, different from a single family dwelling?
  • [15:28] Never be discouraged with the market. There will always be something out there.
  • [16:37] When looking for a realtor ask for testimonials and ask what their processes are.


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I have been a mortgage broker for 10 years and have held several different positions within the industry to get me to where I am today. Over the years I have helped many families achieve the goal of home ownership as well as save thousands in finding the right mortgage for their needs.