008: Jeff Michaud Shares What Makes Fairview Townhomes Unique

October 6, 2016

Jeff Michaud is a developer working on the Fairview Townhomes project in Kelowna, BC. Jeff originally began his career as a realtor part-time while working as a school a teacher. His love for the business led to him to take a leap into working in real estate full-time, first in Edmonton and eventually moving to Kelowna. The Fairview Townhomes project began less than two years ago.

Jeff shares what makes Fairview Townhomes different. He also gives some tips for those looking to buy a townhouse or building a development.



Key points

  • [3:07] Was there a defining point which made you want to pursue working in real estate?
  • [3:41] What has been the most satisfying point in your career?
  • [4:40] What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?
  • [4:50] Not all business is good business.
  • [5:00] Could you describe what makes an ideal client?
  • [5:39] Share some details about the Fairview Townhome development.
  • [7:17]  Are there specific actions which you as a developer are taking to help keep down costs?
  • [8:38] What sets Fairview Townhomes apart from other similar projects?
  • [9:02] The city has recently purchased land near the development which will be turned into a beach in the upcoming years.
  • [9:44] Why was this location chosen for the development?
  • [11:09] Could you share what planning has been like?
  • [12:08] How long was the process with the city?
  • [12:26] Where does the name of Fairview Townhomes come from?
  • [12:40] What are some common mistakes of developers and buyers in this field?
  • [13:38] What specifics should a person look for when buying?
  • [14:42] When is the expected completion date?
  • [15:25] What are the top three things people should look for when considering buying a townhouse or building a development?
  • [17:05] How can people contact you or find more information about the project?



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