007: Looking to Add Value to Your New or Existing Home?

September 29, 2016

Erin McGeachy Discusses How a Window Covering Specialist Can Help

Chad Weninger talks with Erin McGeachy about the value of hands-on, in-person consultation for upgrading window coverings in a new or existing home. She also shares how proper window coverings can improve the energy efficiency.


Erin McGeachy is a window covering specialist with Normandeau Window Coverings located in Kelowna, BC. Originally from Alberta, Erin’s background is in new home sales. After having her first child, she talked with a friend in interior design about a more fitting means of working from home and still being connected with the housing business. She began her position with Normandeau in Calgary and Red Deer, then moving to Kelowna four years ago.

Erin talks about the value which proper window coverings add to a home. She also discusses the personal service a specialist can offer.


Key Points

  • [0:30] Share a bit about yourself and your business.
  • [1:08] What area do you specialize in and where do you invest most of your time?
  • [1:22] The majority of my time is spent directly with the homeowner.
  • [2:06] How did you get into this profession?
  • [2:55] Did you start in Kelowna?
  • [3:18] When did you know this business was right for you?
  • [4:01] With my first client I saw the value a beautiful design can add to people’s homes.
  • [4:42] What has been the most satisfying experience in your career?
  • [5:19] Coming from real estate sales, what is some of the best advice you have received in operating your own business?
  • [5:40] It’s all about service and attention to detail.
  • [6:05] What are the situations where someone should consider your service?
  • [6:56] What should people expect when working with you?
  • [7:37] How do your products help with the energy efficiency of a home?
  • [9:40] The market is moving towards the “smart home,” and so we’re specializing in PowerView window coverings which can connect to your devices.
  • [10:29] Do you charge for an in-home consultation?
  • [10:51] What are some common mistakes you see people make when they’re considering this kind of service or change to their home?
  • [12:28] What is the range of products you offer?
  • [13:20] How long is a typical warranty?
  • [14:25] What things should people know to ensure they find the right person to help them with their job?
  • [14:52] Look for someone who is professional and offers an on-site, in-home service.
  • [15:26] You also want someone who offers a warranty and professional installation.
  • [15:32] Hunter Douglas is the best in the market, in my opinion.
  • [15:54] The personal service is a major aspect of our roles as sales associates.
  • [16:31] How can people contact you?





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